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Cartesian robot welder

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Cartesian robot welder consists of three linear axes and two rotary axes, featuring high strength, fast response, high positioning accuracy, flexible orientation/angle adjustment, high end load and wide range compared with the conventional articulated robots; dedicated controller to achieve teaching, offline programming, automatic location and complex wing, fitting with various types of sensors for intelligent job; suitable for welding, cutting, handling, assembly, painting and other jobs. The welder can be customized on demand. The welding function of the Cartesian robot welder is described in the following section.

Cartesian robot welder adopts 5-axis transmission to achieve wide range adjustment of the position of the torch through line feed of gantry truss along axis-X Y, Z, suitable for welding of a variety of large-medium-sized work-pieces, wide range, high applicability; to achieve adjustment of angle of the torch via rotating of the two rotary axes and following of other axes, enabling flat welding, fillet welding, vertical welding, overhead welding, welding of plane curves and space curves etc. The servo motor planetary reducer is used as the transmission, featuring steady accuracy. A handheld Teaching Pendant is set for teaching programming for work-pieces.


  • TEACH:The control system can send action sequence, motion speed, welding parameters, location and other information to the robot in advance via the Teach Pendant using certain methods, which are recorded in the memory, and can be played back as required;
  • Location:After replacement of work-pieces in mass production, the robot will detect the position of the work-piece and calculate the deviation from the teaching work-piece via ON/OFF of current of the barrel or the wire and work-piece following the predetermined program, in order to find the correct working position;
  • Swing:The system can perform welding with weaving in all directions through fitting of motion of various axis, wide weld, high efficiency; You can choose sine, triangle or circular welding with weaving, with convenient adjustment of weaving frequency and amplitude;
  • Anti-collision:The torch is fit with an anti-collision sensor. As collision with an obstacle, the robot will automatically stop. After removing the obstacle and the alarm on the Teach Pendant interface is clear, the robot will continue to run, ensuring personal and equipment safety.


This equipment is suitable for welding of steel, gear box, equipment base, bridge beams, carriage side, container side walls, all kinds of intersecting lines and other large parts, and can form welding lines combining with other equipment or facilities.